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A-31 【Annual subscription plan】Yamaha PAS Kiss mini un SP / Front and back child seat (three-seater) 

Rental price
Please contact us for details
Bike details

This bike is available for rent only for customers with a one-year subscription contract.

You can receive regular inspections free of charge up to once a month. Regular inspections are carried out so that you and your children can use the bicycle safely and securely.

*ID cards and insurance cards of the applicant and his/her children are required to present.

*Payment is limited to credit cards.

*When cancelling a rental plan for less than one year, please pay 23,100 yen for one month of the regular rental plan fee in addition to the rental fee.

Other options

・+¥500/month for additional option of "Safety Plus Option", which offers free replacement of consumables and faulty parts (not for accidental repair service).

・+¥500/month for additional option of "Roadside assistance". 

・+¥500/month for additional option of "Secure theft compensation service".


Applicable age for front child seat : 1 year old to under 4 years old (Height : 100cm or less, Weight : 15kg or less)

Rear passenger child seat Applicable age : 1 year old to before entering elementary school (Height : 115cm or less, Weight : 22.0kg or less)