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A-18 Besv CF1 LENA with child seat / fashionable electric assist bicycle for women

Rental price
7,700JPY/day(2nd day onwards 4,400JPY/day)
White / Black
Bike details

The form and running are gentle and gorgeous. The CF1 has an L-shaped frame that makes it easy for women to get on and off.

The CF1 LENA, which is a popular city model in Europe downsized to Japanese specifications, meets various needs such as commuting to work, school, and shopping with a combination of internal gears that are ideal for city riding and a powerful front motor.

In addition, the highly safe 24-inch tires provide both drivability and stability, making it a family-friendly vehicle.

The child seat is equipped with OGK's finest GRNDIA.

■ Applicable Age and Height / Weight 20kg or less (when using Class 25 rear carrier), Weight 22kg or less (when using Class 27 rear carrier)
Children aged 1 year (12 months) or older, up to the start of elementary school, with a height of 115 cm or less.
(* Riding is recommended for ages 2 and up.)

*Deposit Amount:50,000yen

・Protect your child`s head even when your child falls! The same material as a helmet is used.

・Compact and foldable! Considering the use of a multi-storey parking facility, a folding function is adopted. Comes with a convenient pocket for storing small items.