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E-5 DAHON Route We also have an option that allows you to cycle on the DAHON Route!

Rental price
4,400JPY/day(2nd day onwards 3,300JPY/day)
Bike details

It is a folding bike for entry that you can enjoy the essence of the brand from the long-established folding bike manufacturer "DAHON".

You can freely adjust the seat, handlebars and height, and even though it is equipped with a folding function, the length of the top tube and wheelbase is comparable to that of a general cross bike, so you can ride lightly. In addition, mudguards are also standard equipment and can be used in various scenes. The size after folding is W89 × H64 × D34, which is super compact. You can put it in the manufacturer's wheel bag and move it by car or train. You can use a stylish and cool bike wherever you want to use it and in the scene you want to use it!

[Usage scene] Town riding (daily use), pottering

[Target] Beginners

[Frame] Alloy frame

[Car body weight] 12.2 kg

[Manufacturer's suggested retail price] 59,400 yen

*Deposit Amount:30,000yen