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A-21 Bridgestone TB1e / This bike can run 200km

Rental price
6,600JPY/day(2nd day onwards 4,400JPY/day)
Black / Gray / Neon lime / Ocean blue
Bike details

Introduced a new model Surprisingly, it is now possible to run 200km! ! !

[Mudguard/rear carrier service]

The front wheels are driven by a motor, and the rear wheels are driven by pedaling, making it a vehicle with high running stability thanks to the two-wheel drive system.

Equipped with an "automatic charging while driving" function that activates the motor while you are running and automatically charges the battery, the assisted driving distance is longer, and the cruising distance is increased by 40% compared to conventional products! It can run up to about 130km.

It is also recommended for businessmen because it reduces the hassle of charging.

*Deposit Amount:50,000yen

[Manufacturer's suggested retail price] 174,000 yen

[Usage scene] Town riding (daily use)

[Target] E-bike beginners

[Navigation distance] ・Eco mode 200km ・Auto mode 105km ・Power mode 62km

[Charging time] About 4.1 hours/time

[Frame] Aluminum flare frame

[Body weight] 22.3 kg