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A-18 Besv CF1 LENA / Stylish e-bike for women

Rental price
6,600JPY/day(2nd day onwards 4,400JPY/day)
Bike details

Recommended Points

The CF1 is a stylish e-bike model which is near to a city cycle model. The bike`s frame is designed to easy-to-use mainly for women to get on and off the bike, making it ideal for commuting to work, school, shopping, and other city activities.

☑ The battery is built into the frame which makes the bike looks stylish.

☑ The front motor is effective for the stability of the bike and the bike does not float easily even when you climb uphill.

☑ Rear carrier specification that can also be equipped with a child seat.

☑ The height and position of the saddle and handlebars can be changed freely so that this bike can be shared with mothers and fathers.

☑ Highly safe 24-inch tires for both drivability and stability.

*Deposit Amount:50,000yen

Other Information

【Manufacturer's suggested retail price】 198,000 yen
【Number of Shift】 3 speeds
【Frame】 Aluminum
【Weight】 21.5kg
【Cruising Distance】 35km - 70km
【Charging Time】 3.5 hours per charge 
【Usage Situations】 City riding (daily use)
【Users】E-bike beginners