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A-7 Besv JF1 / High tech & Super lightweight E-bike

Rental price
6,600JPY/day(2nd day onwards 4,400JPY/day)
Gloss Blue / Matte Black / Gloss White
Bike details

This is a popular hybrid bike type lightweight E-bike that is always filled with rental reservations among CycleTrip`s E-bikes.

Since it is designed to incorporate the battery and motor unit into its frame and rear wheel, it has a smart form that does not look like electric assist bike at first glance. Smart mode with high driving performance that always automatically adjusts the optimum assist force with Besv's original algorithm, full-color LCD panel that changes the screen color depending on the driving mode, MAP function and driving when the Besv Smart App and the car body are linked with a smartphone. These many functions that are irresistible for gadget lovers, such as being able to record cycling data.

In addition, because the body itself is lightweight, it is easy to drive even if it is self-propelled without assistance. Compared to other E-Bikes, it does not have a suspension, so vibrations during driving are directly transmitted, but the lightweight body allows you to enjoy a direct and smooth ride.

*Deposit Amount:50,000yen

【Manufacturer's suggested retail price】 278,000 yen


【Usage scene】             Street riding (usual use)


【User】                   E-bike beginners


【Crusing distance】                                 58km-115km (fully charged)


【Charging time】             3.5 hours / time


【Frame】                 Aluminum


【Weight】                  16.2 kg


A spare battery can be rented for +5000 yen. Dedicated battery case (can be attached to the top tube) can be rented for +1000yen. Please state in the message column that you would like a spare battery and a dedicated battery case.