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D-2 Giant ESCAPE RX 3 / Hight-end model of hybrid bike

Rental price
4,400JPY/day(2nd day onwards 3,300JPY/day)
465mm(S) 160~175cm 555mm(L)180~195cm
Black / Red / White
Bike details

Giant's RX series is located in the advanced line of the hybrid bike lineup among Giant`s products. This RX3 is the top model of Giant's classic best-selling Escape R3 hybrid bike. This model can show high sports driving performance by its equipped seatpost named "D fuse" that has cushions which will absorb shocks from the front and rear road surface, and uses a wide grip that does not let you get tired, so it can be said that its comfort of long-time riding is top class.

Giant's original OVERDRIVE fork and front double are adopted to make its specifications closer to road bike. The frame is made of ALUXX SL aluminum, which is lightweight and has a light weight and high rigidity, and the cable is built into frame, so this frame structure will reduces air resistance and accelerate speed. 

Compared to R3, it is one of the recommended entry models for those who want to take lean forward posture and pedal the bike with full power and run a long distance.

*Deposit Amount:30,000yen


【Manufacturer's suggested retail price】  88,000 yen


【Useage】City ride (everyday use), long ride (touring)


【User】    Beginners


【Frame】  Aluminum


【Weight】 10.5 kg