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B-10 Giant CONTEND 2 (CLARIS)/ Safe road bike with sub brake lever

Rental price
5,500JPY/day(2nd day onwards 3,500JPY/day)
(S)165~175 (M)170~185 (ML) 180〜190
Bike details

The design of Giant`s "CONTEND" series model is an all-round aluminum road bike which is said to be a hybrid of  "TCR" series (models which has an excellent acceleration for racing) and "DEFY" series (models which is specialized for comfort-oriented long ride). This all-rounder entry model road bike has been reborn with wide range of tire size can be fitted (equipped tire is 28C tires).

In addition to Giant's original high-performance lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, this model is equipped with a rear 8-speed Shimano Clarice.

One of the biggest feature of CONTEND 2 is that it is equipped with a sub-brake lever that is useful to road bike beginners. You can control brake operation with your upper body raised posture is possible, which widens your visibility and improves the safeness of cycling. This feature demonstrates the power of ease to use in city riding where there are many go and stop such as signals. After riding CONTEND2, there are CONTEND1 and SL as a high-end models, so how about enjoy riding other models and compare with Cycle Trip?


【Manufacturer's suggested retail price】 92,400 yen


【Usage】   City ride (commuting), long ride (touring)


【User】     Road bike beginners


【Frame】   Aluminum


【Weight】  10.2 kg