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A-26 Panasonic Hurrer

Rental price
6,000JPY/day(2nd day onwards 4,000JPY/day)
Bike details

A comfortable ride is achieved with an aluminum foaming frame and front suspension equipment!

The front fork has a suspension, so you can ride comfortably on bumps in the city.
The brakes are equipped with front and rear V brakes, and the gears are equipped with 7 external gears.
Both the selling price and performance are one of the middle existence between Brace and TB1e.
It is an electric assisted bicycle with an excellent total balance that can travel up to 73 km on a single charge.

[Manufacturer's suggested retail price] 145,000 yen

[Usage scene] Town riding (daily use)

[Target] E-bike beginners

[Navigation distance] ・Eco mode 73km ・Auto mode 54km ・Power mode 45km

[Charging time] About 4 hours/time

[Frame] Aluminum flare frame

[Body weight] 23.2 kg